by Luis Suárez (Madeldrum)

What will find your fans in your first album different tomorrow? 

Different Tomorrow is just a great album all the way through. It has a pretty raw sound with lots of loud guitars, the way we like it. If you're into the melodic rock of the eighties you will fall in love with this album. We're very happy with the result.

Has been easy or difficult to record this first album,after years of working hard in your music and in your band

It was a very easy thing to do. We've played together for five years or something, and we've done just about everything but record an album. We've recorded lots of promo singles but never a complete album. We just sat down and decided to write a bunch of new songs and to record them some months ahead - no matter what. At that point we didn't have the songs we needed ('cause we wanted a lot of new material), nor a record label, but once we started working, everything just came to us. Suddenly we found ourselves in the studio with a bunch of songs and a record contract in our hands. I'd say everything went smoothly.

What do you expect from this record?

First of all we're very happy to be able to deliver what fans have been asking for, for years. We also hope to get the band above the "underground" level, now that we have an album out and a record deal. It's still a lot of hard work for us as an upcoming band, but a lot of things are easier for you when you have an album out. People know that you're the real deal and that you're serious about it.

What do you think about the rock panorama in the scandinavian countries?

The Scandinavian countries, and Sweden in particular, have produced so many good rock bands the last decades. For us as a band it's good, 'cause once people notice that you're from Sweden you get a lot of extra respect automatically. People will listen more carefully to your music. I'm a big fan of Swedish rock bands like Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters and Europe, just to mention a few.

Can you tell us about your main influences when youre composing songs?

When writing songs we don't really think too much about other people's music. We usually start off with a great guitar riff or melody and then we add vocals to that. We're pretty easy-going. Once we have a great riff, e
verything just falls into place.

As a singer, what is your favourite one? 

I would say Axl Rose and Joey Tempest.

Have you ever been to Tenerife? Do you know this island? Would you like to come here and play live? 

Never been to Tenerife unfortunately, but I hope to come someday. I'll bring the band of course!

I have read about your tour, and youre going to be opening for a band like Crash Diet? Are you going to go on tour solo, or just opening for other bands? 

We've toured with, and opened up for bands like Faster Pussycat, Saxon, Enuff Z'Nuff and Y&T and in December we'll play together with Crashdiet here in Sweden. We tour a lot on our own too, but as an upcoming band it's really good to play with larger bands. That way we can play for a whole different audience than we unsually do and more people will discover Dirty Passion.

What are your dreams about your band?

We hope to be able to tour a lot more and in a not too distant future we will start working on our second album. We love what we do!

thanks so much emil and rock on dude.

Thank you! You can buy our new album Different Tomorrow from our website www.dirtypassion.net. Here you can also find a couple of songs from the album for free listen/download. See you soon!

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